Aftercare for homeless men is not easy by any means, it's like raising a family
of teenagers in men's bodies. An individual that spent time in prison has to
learn over again how to live, work and play within society once more.

Former prisoners received $50 from the government when released but it's
hardly enough to buy a meal or two much less survive and rebuild a new life
for oneself. If you think they deserve this you may be right but stray dogs and
cats are treated better. Some may deserve nothing because of what they've
done but then there are some who do deserve a second chance. They did
one crazy thing in their  youth and now they only want to do what is right and
feel normal again.

To get back to normal is the trick. It takes lots of help to rebuild a human
being from scratch. It takes time, devotion, faith, resources, decent housing,
helping hands, good churches and much more. Many times family wants
nothing to do with a homeless ex offender, the community may not want
them in their area, a church may not accept them plus employers won't hire
them and public housing won't let them live there. What next, live on the

Below is a diagram of a former U.S. military air base, Spence Air Base now
called Spence Airport located in the state of Georgia. This base was designed
with a central location where almost all roads led to it, a church. The base
needed a core figure, an anchor to hold onto, a God to guide and direct them.

This is what the future of aftercare needs a campus with enough land and
resources to really make an impact on the problem of the prison revolving
door. The new community would be arranged basically the same as Spence
Airport with all roads leading to a church and from there all other things.
When men have a belief strong enough that there is hope to continue the rest
falls into place.


The community would have a housing area, work shop areas, chow halls,
storage buildings, exercise fields, schools for basic and advanced training,
classes for anger management and how to deal with people, a small post
office, a small on site medical facility, trade schools and community
maintenance shops.   

Other ministries could join in and provide guidance and training which
would speed the personal rebuilding process.

A community such as the above could be scaled up or down.
approx. 100 acres or 2000 ft. x 2000 ft.
approx. 50 acres or even 10 acres would help

Right now we house and help 6 men at a time on 2 and a half acres where
the above larger community could help many times that amount plus turn
out a more productive citizen.
At this time we have to turn down about 5 men per week because we
don't have any room to house them.
God seems to be opening up some doors for us lately, just enough to see on
the other side. As of
July 2016 four properties became available, 2-10 acre
lots, 1-39 acre lot and 1-50 acre lot.
All would need additional work to set up living areas, water and sewer systems,
electricity etc. but the door is slowly opening.
I can't do this on my own as I'm getting older and the work is getting harder
but I'm not giving up.
The buying extra property is going to be a real challenge. So far obtaining
funds has been very difficult.  
Even 2-1/2 acre lots near by that would be great for MOUM has been next to
impossible to get due to lack of funds.
We will continue to hope and pray for future funds for land. The more land the
more men that can be helped.