Employer Discrimination

I did my time but its like I'm serving a life sentence for something that
happened in 1996...go for a job and its always thesame...convicted felon;no
place to go.

An Ex-Prisoner's Dilemma: No Job, No Home

A 10-minute video sketch of an interview with Terriun Harris, who talks about
the difficulty of finding a job and housing with a felony conviction on his
record. Brother Ron Fender speaks about CHANGER, an intervention
economic human rights program for Terriun and others in his predicament.
Filmed by Wes Rehberg, Wild Clearing.

Employment for Ex-Cons (UMTV)

Ex-cons get help staying out of jail and finding a job through a program called
Turnabout. It's cut the recidivism rate in half for its clients.

Power of Prison Visits (UMTV)

A prison ministry reaches out to inmates serving hard time. Some have not
had a visitor in over 25 years. Things people need when getting out, drivers
license etc.

Job Search : Employment for Ex-Cons

Ex-convicts need to prepare for a job search and interview in the same way
as every other candidate, and they should view interviews as opportunities to
convince an employer that they're right for the job. Discover why it's
important for ex-convicts to demonstrate an ability to communicate with help
from a career counseling specialist in this free video on job searches and
employment opportunities.

Goodwill helps ex-cons get jobs

Goodwill and several Charlotte charities are trying to help ex-convicts
overcome the obstacles of finding a job.

Program Helps Ex-Cons Adjust To Life

Every day, thousands of people are released from jail, and it's not an easy
adjustment to go back to the streets.

Beyond the Conviction is a local group that is helping to ease the transition --
it's led by ex-cons who want to teach others how to adjust and thrive outside
prison walls.

Ex-offenders struggle to find work

Experts say more than 60 percent of people in jail or prison are repeat
offenders. There are plenty of re-entry programs available to help them get
jobs and housing. The problem is finding a program.