A new resident has arrived as of Nov. 22, 2010. He
was with TDCJ for about 10 years and is glad to be
out and free
being greeted by his daughter) has great
plans to make his life count for something and to not
only get himself back on his feet but to assist this
ministry and future residents.

In the past few days Jerry has been able to register
with the Veterans Administration for health services
and other Dept. for food assistance, with the Social
Security Office for monthly financial assistance and
registered with the Montgomery County Sheriffs

Even though there is space here for a relative few we
will do whatever we possibly can to show people
getting out that there is hope for a better future. Jerry
will be sharing a trailer with Chet until another trailer
becomes available.
Fortunately for Jerry he will be receiving some benefits from Social Security to
live on but not all x offenders are that lucky. He has a long way to go yet but he's
on the road to success.
Men or women without help are very likely to get in trouble again. It's not easy to
live on the street without a dime to your name. Try it if you don't believe it. A new
offense will cost someone by the act itself and it will affect the tax payer because
it costs about $40,000 a year to house and feed an offender in prison. If we can
turn this cycle around it will benefit all of us.

Dec. 17th, 2010, went yesterday to Environmental Health Services and explained
our desire to help x offenders and after some careful study we were advised that
we could go ahead with at least 4 trailers and with the possibility of two more
later. A Sanitarian Engineer report will be next and submitted back to county for
approval. Approx, cost of engineer study and design of septic system, $600 to

On Dec. 31st a fifth wheel trailer is being delivered here by a friend on a loan
basis for about 2 years in order to help out with housing. Trailer is in good shape
but still needs some minor repairs. Our resident Jerry will be making repairs as
he lives in it. Hope to have it set up behind our main house soon with electricity,
water and sewer. Trailer may be moved to main parking area later.

Jan. 1, 2011 Fifth wheel trailer delivered as promised. Weather was great. Six
people from College Station, TX., friends and relatives of Jerry, came and
volunteered the whole day in setting up the trailer. Not only did they help they
also donated the cost of materials for septic lines, electrical wiring, dug trenches,
cleaned the inside of the trailer and even provided lunch for all of us. God is
GOOD!!!! See Gallery for

After a few days of finishing up some plumbing and wiring Jerry moved in to his
new home. Jerry hasn't seen a place of his own in 8 years and now has freedom
to come and go as he wishes. Jerry, while staying at Chet's place, has been going
to West Conroe Baptist Church and it looks like he'll be joining the membership

resident Jerry B. has agreed to share his trailer with Kent M. until another trailer
becomes available. All three of our current residents have been fortunate to be
Jan. 21, 2011, Our third resident , Kent M. has been released from TDCJ. Our
resident Jerry B. has agreed to share his trailer with Kent M. until another trailer
becomes available. All three of our current residents have been fortunate to be
able to collect social security benefits. If it wasn't for this God provided blessing
these men would be struggling more than they are now just to get back on their
feet. Check out some of the new
videos as to why it's important to provide
support in order to prevent future crimes.    

Feb. 7, 2011, contacted a Conroe, TX company to design the new septic system for
our facility.

Feb. 9, 2011, Plans for septic system are complete. Now to contact a contractor to
bid on and build system.
Found a couple of builders and the price on a septic system seems to be around
the $6500 range.

April 6, 2011, Just a quick note to let you know we have a new resident here at
Helping X Offenders. His name is Raymond and he came here yesterday morning.

It so happens he is an old friend of mine who Kathy and I first met at the Worship
Center in Conroe, TX. This is the church where Kathy and I got 'Saved' back in
Sept of 1991. Ray was always a wild and crazy kind a guy and volunteered for
anything the church offered. He has made over 60 mission trips to Mexico and
helped build a church and an orphanage in Reyanosa, Mexico. Kathy and I were
on at least 3 of those mission trips and there has been many, many kids who were
given another chance at life there.

After 1995 we lost touch with the Worship Center when we went to Florida to work
with a Christian Motorcycle ministry for a year. Then it was working at a Christian
halfway house in Willis, TX. After that Kathy and I attended different churches and
lately began attending the Ark Family Church in Conroe, TX. While attending the
Ark this past Sunday Kathy spotted Raymond walking down the isle towards us
and she told me 'there's Raymond". Raymond still has his wild red hair but it's
shorter instead of shoulder length now. I jumped up and called out to him and he
right away said, 'Hi Bob'. We talked for about 15 minutes and found out he's been
homeless for the past 9 months and living in a wooded area near Highway 45 in
Conroe. This news almost floored me but I quickly told him about what I'm doing
on the property for ex offenders and he said, 'I'm an ex offender too'. I asked him
if he would like to come out and stay at my place instead of the woods and he said
sure but lets pray about it first, he gave me his mothers phone number to get in
touch with him. I waited a day and couldn't stand it any longer and called his
mother and that night went over to her place in Conroe. She is 86 years old and
still able to take care of herself but was worried about Raymond. She lives in a
HUD home apartment but isn't allowed over night visitors so Raymond had to live

Raymond was there that night too and told me more about his situation and that
he was an offender for something very minor and I told him I don't care, if God
can forgive you so can I, I'd like you to live at my place. He agreed and yesterday
morning I met him at the wooded area where he was living and helped him carry
out his meager belongings. As I walked thru the woods though I was amazed at
what I saw. There was trails all thru the woods with many, many abandoned camp
sites littered with trash where countless homeless people had stayed at one time
or another. After walking a while I saw a black guy up ahead walking towards us
but he spotted us and turned around and walked away. Finally we arrived at
Raymonds site and there was trash everywhere but he called this home. He
valued the stuff we would have thrown away a long time ago.

I helped carry piles of old dirty clothes, pillows, a box of tools he found one piece
at a time along various roads he had walked along, plus other things. We loaded
everything and his bicycle into th back of my car and we drove back to my place.
Ironically there was a huge church facility with an giant parking lot right across
the street from the woods where we just walked out of. Raymond told me the
homeless don't ask for help from churches, they are the last places they go to.
Maybe people are judged so badly by church people that even the hurting won't
ask them for any help.

Today Raymond helped me around my shop and I showed him how to work on
some carburetors and he did well. Later I took him to Walmart where he shopped
for some groceries and then we went over to his mothers house to pick up a few
things. At his mothers house Raymond had a TV he hadn't ever looked at because
it was a TV he had ordered before going to prison but it arrived at his mothers
house after wards. She saved it for him. It's a big TV, 32" but it was his so we
loaded it up and took it home.

By the way Raymond slept on his cot in my shop last night because I have a
refrigerator, microwave and other things in there I thought he could use. Today
Raymond asked if he could sleep out in the new trailer area out back because
there he didn't have to fold up his cot every day. Raymond brought his camping
tent that he had used before in the woods and set it up in the first trailer space
past the back fence. I ran an electric extension cord to his tent so he could check
out his new TV. Tonight I walked out back and could see his tent lit up, I had given
him a small lamp too, and could hear the TV going. I didn't go all the way to his
tent but was glad he was enjoying his new freedom.

God is good, there is light for the first time in the trailer area tonight.