Starting out back in 2010

GOD is good, 2013!

Things needed soon:

  • DRIVEWAY WORK,  we now have a driveway that goes from the front all
    the way to the trailer parking area. This same driveway serves as a fire /
    emergency entrance to the trailer area. It needs to be 20 ft wide with a
    gravel top in order to hold large trucks and emergency vehicles. About
    2/3 of the driveway is usable. Truck loads of crushed asphalt works well
    for this and we'll need several more truck loads @ $450 per truck load.
  • Walkways around resident trailers need more gravel or blacktop to
    prevent uneven surfaces and mud.  

Things needed for projects:

  • Building materials, 2x4s, plywood, nails, siding etc., to complete our
    woodworking shop and small engine repair shop.

Things needed long term:

  • Vehicles, used cars but serviceable. Tools are available to make some
    repairs. When residents with mechanic ability are here vehicles can be
    repaired on site. Vehicles are used to transport residents to and from
    work or to local stores. When possible vehicles can be sold at low cost to
    residents. A van was recently purchased to help with carrying large loads
    of supplies or people but cars would really help a guy going to work.

  • Funds. To be used for a variety of needs or for specific requested needs.
    Needed: always, for every day needs such as to pay for a big electric bill,
    to purchase emergency supplies, to repair living quarters, grounds
    maintenance equipment fuel and maintenance.

  • Mens clothes and shoes for residents, can be used but in good shape.
    We can always use clothes for residents when they first arrive and after
    they been working here awhile. One time clothes donations come from
    the Salvation Army and a few other places but these clothes are hard to
    find correct sizes. It's a good start but more will be needed. Donated
    clothes can be of various sizes and the extras will be stored in our

  • Resident Support: The cost to keep a homeless person going if he has no
    income at all is around $350 per month. This will help with heating, A/C,
    toiletry items, laundry soap, transportation to and from government offices
    and medical attention if needed, a one time purchase of a $45.00 cell
    phone, work gloves etc. A donation to support one resident for at least
    one to three months would give a guy a good start on the road to making it.

To many people these things may seem unnecessary but think about it, your
keeping a person off the street who may otherwise be out there looking for a
means to survive doing whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • if the homeless person came out of prison the government used to spend
    $40,000 a year to house and feed him.
  • your changing a life from hopelessness to a new beginning with purpose.
  • in the old Bible days farm owners used to leave produce left overs  in the
    field over night so the poor and strangers could gather a few pieces to live
    on. Former prisoners are treated by the public basically the same so
    usable leftovers are welcome here too.

All help is much appreciated and donations will soon be tax deductible. Small
donations can accomplish more than you think too. See below for more info.

Call: 936-788-3245 or 936-788-4597
Write: Moving On Up
2389 Crockett Martin Rd.
Conroe, TX 77306


Please help if you can

*Ask for a Tax deductible receipts*
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Helping is easy and painless. Check it out and help today.
Watch how God continues to bless those who bless others less

Call to verify the ministry if you have questions,
936-788-3245 or 936-788-4597
Donate by check or money order
Donate by cash if in person only.