The first on site trailer, a 32 ft. travel trailer, 2006 Wildwood model that was
purchased in Ft. Worth, TX. This type of trailer was chosen because of it's
price and ease to set up and maintain. It has everything an individual
needs, completely furnished and ready to move in.    
It's size is perfect for our area and there is still space for about 6 more in
the back lot.  
The available land, approx. 1.5 acres, is nicely wooded with lots of shade.
The area still needs more improvements such as septic system, electricity
and water and plans are being made for them now. Site location is close to
modern Conroe, TX.
Chet, our resident grounds manager, has been quickly reshaping the
landscape to prepare for the future trailers and the people that need help.
Father and
daughter reunited
Chet and daughter helping
with shopping for new
New trailer addition for Jerry. A good friend from Magnolia, TX
allowed us to use his trailer for the next 2 years until he retires.
Thank you God for good friends.
Set up on 1/1/11
Note: Our friend decided after 4 years of helping ex-offenders with
his trailer it was time to donate it to the ministry. The trailer needed
repairs but we needed badly too!
Above: New resident Raymond, as of April 6th, we hope to get another trailer
some day for him but Ray was homeless for 9 months before being found so
he said he'll be okay for now in the trailer site area. He has electricity and a TV.
Note: After Jerry moved out of the 5th wheel trailer Ray moved in until he was
able to move to his brothers place later on. These guys just need some time
to get ready to move on up!
Below: Our BBQ for HELPING X OFFENDERS awareness, April 16, 2011.