Bob has been a Texas resident since 1978 and
considers Texas home. Bob's previous job lasted 10
years while in U.S. Government Civil Service over in
the Panama Canal Zone, Republic of Panama so it
didn't take long to choose a warm location to resettle
in. Bob settled in the Houston area and developed
several of his own businesses. In 1991 Bob and his
wife Kathy became born again Christians and in
1995 felt led to assist a Christian motorcycle ministry
in Florida. The next year Bob was invited  by a friend
living in Willis, TX who was developing a halfway
house for ex offenders. Bob went back to Texas to
check out this new place and was soon convinced
he needed to move back to Texas and help in any
way possible.
Bob Maltz
Kathy Maltz
Born Anchorage, Alaska, and raised in Merced, CA,
by parents serving in the U.S. Air Force. Kathy later
joined the Air Force herself and served over seas in
The Netherlands for 6 years.

After the Air Force Kathy moved to Texas to work
with Bob who had a aircraft repair shop located in
Tomball, TX.
While in Willis, TX., Bob and his wife Kathleen volunteered for a year to
help construct a halfway house facility for ex offenders. A lot was
learned as fences were built, landscaping property, digging septic
systems and moving buildings was accomplished. About a year later
though Kathleen was asked by another ministry called
Fellowship Ministries to join them and was offered a position as an
office coordinator in a bigger town. At this time Bob and Kathy's
finances were almost gone it was time for them to move on. Kathy
accepted and worked for Prison Fellowship for the next 10 years as a
Area Director.   

Bob worked as a machinist during this time and continued to be active
in prison ministry such as mentoring at the various prison units in
Huntsville, TX, leading a prison ministry at a local church, developed
and maintains a website for a mentoring association, Christian
Restorative Justice Mentors Association,

Bob started a business on site in 2005 involving repairing, customizing
and selling motorcycle carburetors on the Internet. This business was
also used to assist residents in limited employment and to provide help
for the ministry. This business has since closed as of 2018 due to
Bob's health and the desire to spend more time with the ministry.
Kathy who is a licenced aircraft mechanic, worked with Bob for over 10
years until Bob sold the business and the two of us moved for a short
while to Florida. We volunteered to work with a motorcycle ministry for a
year and traveled all over the US sharing God's love.
We then moved back to Texas to volunteer with a prison ministry that
helped men getting out of prison. After a year Kathy was asked to work
with Prison Fellowship Ministries located in The Woodlands, TX
Kathy still works for PF but around 2009 when Bob started MOUM she
didn't like the ministry in our back yard at first but quickly she learned how
to handle the many ministry needs of the guys coming here.
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